Breoma is a Potent Life Enhancing Combination

A combination of accessible, dynamic and expansive transformational tools, this brilliant system encourages focus on innate personal innovative capacities and allows for enhanced productivity, profound experiences and a balanced harmonious life.

Breoma is also a remarkable resource for increasing awareness of many common emotional, mental physical and spiritual conditions (pain, stress, unhealthy patterned behaviors, negative emotions etc…)

Prudently harmonizing Breomas unique resources with the universal tools of breath, aroma, music and meditation will open access to the body’s own innate capacity for optimal health and vibrant life. These exciting tools speak for themselves; simple and consistent use of them will attract personal confidence, authentic relationships, heightened intuition, serenity, clarity, jubilance and free flow creative expression.

Breoma participants utilize practiced methods that align the heart, mind, body and soul to the JBHFC resonance (Joy-based Humanity-focused Creation). The noticeable increase of healthy living and newfound desire for community involvement is a fruit of this intentional work. As the JBHFC frequency is embraced, lives at home, work, and play can be synchronized to the desired joy-based outcome.

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